Ac/Dc. Warnors Theater. Fresno,Ca. 9 / 8 / 79 (Aud-Cam) on You Tube

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The Fresno Media Guys have been cool to me cuz give them all credit ,i heard they been taking other peoples vid's of there's down.

they did f***'n Awesome Work ,Check Out It Here !!

Also was wondering does anybody know how many b/w vids is out there?? from the / St. Alban's.Aust 3-3-76 show .

I've only Seen These Two .Is There More ??

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The fresno video has been circulating for quite some time now. It's a brilliant gig.

A couple videos from St Albans is on the Plug Me In boxset

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In "PLUG ME IN" Box set, you can find 4 videos:

  • It´s A Long Way
  • She´s Got Balls
  • T.N.T.
  • School Days

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