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Mar 11, 2009 - Taken by Vincent1982   

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This site was created to be a reference for the concert history of the band AC/DC. In the times since, it has grown to include monthly bootleg downloads, a forum, and an information site about trading among other things. This site is not officially tied to AC/DC in any way; it was simply put together and is maintained by a fan.

The information presented on the pages of this site is intended to be shared. There is no cost for using this information or becoming a member of this site; we do ask that you post a link back to this website wherever the information is used. This includes any information taken from the pages of this site directly, or information posted on trade lists, member pages, or in the forum. This is requested simply to increase everyone's knowledge of the band, and to recruit new fans so we all may enjoy the music.

Item of the Day

The Item of the Day shows a different piece of AC/DC memorabilia every day. Some items are rare, some are quite common, but the main point of this section is to see what's out there.

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VH1 CLASSICS. Put The Finger On You Live 1981 Largo Promo
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Mexico Nov. 12, 2009
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Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN, USA
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AC/DC's Facebook page acknowledged Dave Evans
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Head Job
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