AC/DC Bootleg Sorting

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I have messaged BigNate about this, but I don’t think he checked my message?

As far as I am aware, most, if not all of the AC/DC Bootlegs And Recordings are scattered across hundreds of Bootleg Labels ranging from small to large, across various Tours and spanning hundreds of different Recordings. 

The Question is, would people be willing to help sort these out and compile a set of all of (Or atleast 95%) of the AC/DC Bootleg Tapes And Recordings over the years? I know Jeffro has posted torrents containing most of the Recordings already, so if anyone would share anything from those that would make things a hell of a lot easier. I know people who can make artwork and such without any problems.


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Hey there! It sounds like you're onto something really cool with this project. Organizing all those AC/DC bootlegs and recordings sounds like quite the task, but it would be amazing to have a comprehensive collection like that.

It's awesome that Jeffro has already shared torrents with most of the recordings. Maybe if we spread the word and get some help from others who are passionate about AC/DC, we could really make some progress on this. And having people who can create artwork is a huge plus!

Let me know how I can help out—I'm definitely interested in seeing this project come together.

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