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Hello everyone, I was a fairly active member of this fine site around 2008, but it's been quite a few years since I've checked in (so long I no longer have access to my former account). Looks like it's much less trafficked, but I'm happy to see acdc-bootlegs is still around. In the many years since I've visited this site last I went to college, graduated, and got a job as a software engineer. In one of the many computer upgrades I've gone through I somehow blew away the relatively large bootleg collection that I amassed back in the day. For my current gig I work a desk job and spend a good amount of my day listening to music, with time a plenty to listen to some bootlegs. I’m hoping to start rebuilding some of my former collection. This site still has a few gems, but I’m not sure where people even go nowadays, is there a better site than this out there? As I mentioned before, I’m also a professional software engineer and depending on the demand for such a site, I could probably throw it together fairly quickly. Something quick, at least to start out with, to allow people to up/download boots quickly and easily. Thoughts, not sure if BigNate is still active on here, but if you are and are reading this I’d love to chat without about the logistics of hosting a site like this.

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I'm always here.  Send me a PM or look me up on Facebook (Nate Althoff) whenever you have a chance.

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