Here is a Few New Flacing Tape Transfers For You .

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i posted these long time ago ,these are new transfers since then ,just Thought Might Want To Check Them Out

(Flac) lossless  files here -i made cool cover art for my tape surce here -non are a vinyl or silver cd -copy 

my tapes are over 30 yrs old and i did transfer with (ads-teac) gadget to wave /flac 8,hope you like 'um

1.Leith Hall,Edinburgh.12-6-76!WfBlkZZA!nvlOmp_2v-Yh2X9l0QKO0oFQ2s_-nOmCfbyxN37VRpk

2.Hammersmth odeon,london. 12-17-79  FM!nfQmwDoK!UqEDhIjGSs3808CuKVASdx8Ja7MOlUVF-X_oKDedIl0

3.Pavilion ,Paris 12-9-79 "i thought it was afternoon show ) but someone called it "bons last oui,oui" but it's a tape transfer of mine - french fm broadcast!LXAWjbaQ!h7IyNJ0n0AJxWfb56tVma3PSdWdI43_-A-0MCfP6h1U

4.state college,towson,md 10-16-79 sb!DAtBzIob!-uIRsQMaWDY6LyGXxF_GS3rauHe9Zm4AzUAx30hAzhM


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