2016-09-20 - Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA (FLAC)

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Recorded by me:


AC/DC with Axl Rose
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
September 20th, 2016
Recorded by viper from Section 207A, Row 4, Seat 3 (See photos included for my view) 
Source: Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV 
Encoding: Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8) 
Length: 149mins, 44secs (2hrs, 29mins, 44secs)
Track List:
00 Intro
01 Rock or Bust
02 Shoot to Thrill
03 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
04 Back in Black
05 Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
06 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
07 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
08 Thunderstruck
09 High Voltage
10 Rock 'n' Roll Train
11 Hells Bells
12 Given the Dog a Bone
13 If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
14 Live Wire
15 Sin City
16 You Shook Me All Night Long
17 Shot Down in Flames
18 Have a Drink on Me
19 T.N.T.
20 Whole Lotta Rosie
21 Let There Be Rock (with Angus Young guitar solo)
22 Audience/Pre-HtH Solo
23 Highway to Hell
24 Riff Raff
25 Problem Child (first time since 2001)
26 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)!rU8RhZQR!Bsq2yOcvCY74HmQL88WWVG__iHs1nfoKVA78dWrVhKQ

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Dude, I've only just started listening to this proper, it's a great sounding recording.

I feel like if this is the end, it was a great show to end it on. Stevie is Stevie, a rock solid replacement for Mal. Angus is still on fire. Cliff holding down the low end like usual. Slade sounding great on this recording. And Axl...well, he's Axl, a surprisingly good fit for the band's final days.

If it's not the end, and Cliff's replaced, Slade stays solid, and Axl's along for the ride, the future looks good.

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Thanks for recording and sharing the last gig of the RoB tour and Cliff's last!

I still have to prepare my recording from this year's Vienna gig, will post a link on here when it's done!

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Thank you for recording both of these Viper!  Great job!

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Everyone is welcome.  The MSG show came out better than the Philly show (imho).  Will look forward to your recordig of the Vienna gig High Voltage

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got this from dime .. nice fuckin job ... jeffro

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