AC/DC Tacoma Wa Feb 2016 show

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Looking for any help available for getting this show.

AC/DC Tacoma Dome Wa. Feb 2016 Opening night of N.America Tour.

This was my sons first time seeing his favorite group live and I'm hopping I can somehow get it for him.Tried some of the Bit sites but can't locate it.I'm new to your site and really would appreciate any and all help getting this show.

The kids are all we have left to keep the music going....




Thank you


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This may help you, but audio quality is not guaranteed:

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i have this show a 2dvd with menu .. not sure if its utube made or not .. you must have utorrent to download from me .. email me

@ an i can send ya the link. to connect to my desktop ..     jeffro :)

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I managed to only film 5 songs at the Feb. 2nd show with a small digital camera, about 20 minutes total:
Aside from that and the YouTube rips, I've yet to locate a complete video or audio recording, although I probably wouldn't count on it considering everyone who attended was searched upon entry, and I bet there were camcorders and audio recorders that got confiscated by the T-Dome staff members. I myself almost considered bringing my new audio recorder with me but decided against it when the new enhanced security protocol was announced weeks prior to the concert. If a full recording does eventually surface, I'll be sure to share it here posthaste. wink

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