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For a planned AC/DC book I would like to ask helping. I would appreciate some stories connecting with the band, all of opinions of their records, any kind of rarely information what you find specially, whatever it is.
If you have any own photograph, which is associated with the band (to avoid the royalty debate), and you would like to see in your favourite band's book, please send it to me. (If the book will be printed and included your photo(s), of course, your name will be marked up, too.) If you send a picture, send a license for the using in the book, too,

This e-mail address is mine and I shall look forward to your help, thanx a lot:

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i can help you, I've been with AC/DC from theire earlies.
I've like the times, when PHIL RUDD was in AC/DC. Strong metal band. Anyway, AC/DC is a legendary and classic rock band.
I've been in theire live show - cool emotions!
It was orginized by

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