Axl Rose rehearsal with ACDC

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There is some audio of the rehearsals with Axl... The quality is not very good.


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I think he sounds fucking fantastic and that these shows will be much better than expected. What do you want to bet he can hit the high notes at the end of the wail for Shoot to Thrill that Brian hasn't been able to hit for decades?

And if they're going to throw in tracks like Live Wire and Riff Raff (at least one of these is guaranteed), the show may reach heights previously only dreamed of. 

Like I said before, they've got nothing left to lose, so they might as well go for it before wrapping up this tour and retiring.

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I don't know how to link directly, but on the AC/DC Facebook, there's a video with Axl, Angus, and Cliff where Axl says something like "I finally know the benefits of rehearsals after all these years" (I may have mucked up the quote a bit, but it's the jist of it). Did Axl just joke about his own (hopefully, in the past to stay) tendencies to be late to shows and skip rehearsals? Perhaps Axl rose has changed, seemingly for the better.

Or perhaps he is looking at the AC/DC gig as a dream job and is trying to do everything he can to not mess it up, maybe cause he knows it's not "his show" but, rather, Angus's show. Overall, he seems very professional about things. Maybe Axl can use this time as a great way to get in a better form and the upcoming GNR shows will feature a very seasoned, well oiled, and professional Axl instead of the "diva" as some would describe him.

Also, if the shows go over well enough, and Axl seems to be level headed enough now (there's always going to be "egos" in rock music, but if Axl keeps his head together and remembers that AC/DC is not "the Axl Rose hour", but still brings some amount of attitude to the music itself) I, for one, think it would be somewhat interesting to see if AC/DC continue with Axl as the new lead singer permanently. Axl is quite a bit younger than Angus (almost a full decade) and has almost the same split in age difference, but in the opposite direction, of Brian. If A(xl)/DC is together for when the 50th anniversary of AC/DC comes around, I wouldn't be opposed.

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sounds like SHIT!!

the sound of my turd hitting the blue water sounds 1000 times better than dickhead Axle!!

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I can't go to a show of a band I have followed my 53 of life with the thoughts of how selfish Axl was in GnR.Total opposite of what Malc and Angus worked their butts off their whole time on Stage.I live in Iowa and was blessed with seeing Brians last show to date.My 9th ad/dc show with a 1979 show being my first. The show in Kansas City was as hard rocking and powerful as the first.

thank you boys

some people drink lots of coffee.,I put in my POWERAGE tape.when I need motivated


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