Official: Axl replaces Brian

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This was posted on the official site yesterday.  Angus also appeared on stage for 2 songs (Riff Raff and Whole Lotta Rosie) with GNR at Coachella.

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I'm speechless, don't know what to say, no words, no nothing...

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Soooo glad I got to see the guys at the T-Dome back in February, just weeks before Brian was told by his docs to stop touring. If Tacoma was scheduled for a later date I would most likely not go. Can't stand that tantrum-throwing whiner Axl Rose. no

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Terrible idea, and a poor way to treat Brian after all these years. Glad I saw them last year as I will never support this line up. It's a sham and a farce.

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I'm a fan of Guns 'n' Roses, but Axl can't reach the level of attitude that is needed to front AC/DC. I'm glad I got to see them at Wrigley Field last fall.
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I am suprised no one could hook up earphones like the baggage handlers wear next to airplane jet engines.  Axl stood us up back in 1992 when he heard the policew were going to serve him papers at the stadium.  Can't wait for the vids on youtube.  As Bad Company sings, Don't know if I'll cry.  Don't know if I'll die laughing.  I suspect the latter.  Oh, and that whirring sound you hear is Bon spinning in his grave. 

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To quote myself on Reddit: "Ridiculous decision, probably decided by their management. They picked one guy who doesn't fit in with AC/DC. His voice is basically gone and he's prone to showing up late. Basically the polar opposite to the AC/DC way of doing things. I can only hope this is some sort of sick joke!"

"While temporary it still tarnishes their reputation. They also could have chosen basically anyone else to fill the part, but they went with the guy that just doesn't fit the vocal style. There's no way Malcolm would have allowed this"

As for Coachella: "Riff Raff wasn't bad IMO, but Rosie was all over the place. I think it's a bad example of what they could sound like with Axl considering the rhythm section here weren't very good. A lot of unnecessary drum fills and it seems like the drummer missed the cue from Ang at the end"

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Yep, been following these guys from the days of Dave Evans.

This is a really terrible way for it to end.



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Truly embarassing for the music industry. I have supported my favorite band majority of my life, but no more. 

AC/DC, the majority of the fans say hang it up and you should heed their advice since you only have one remaining member left who has been their from the start and with your age and current loss of members.

And really?? Axl FUCKING douchebag fat bastard Rose as your replacement? 


I have better things to do than attend any concert with him singing, hope fans can get a refund which is the least the band can do.


Like ev said above, nothing but $$$$$.


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hoping (surely) angus will realise after the final tour dates that he made a mistake. i've got a suspicion he continued as a result of pressure from managers etc due to the potential money loss. but honestly, wake up to yourself angus! and cliff, please do the gigs and then pull the plug.

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This is just ridiculous.   That said, I'm still keeping my 2 tickets for whenever they reschedule the Madison Square Garden, NYC show (I've already gotten a refund for the Philadelphia show).  It's going to be interesting, at the very least and it might be the last AC/DC show ever (if they stick to the same schedule before the tour was scuttled).

Some interesting articles today.  This one is about AC/DC fans ripping Angus over this mess:

That article also has the news that 4 singers from US AC/DC cover bands were flown out to Atlanta to audition before Axl Rose was finally chosen.  The story on one of those guys (Darren Caperna) is here:

Also, the news that AC/DC Italia is shutting down (or, rather, not updating anymore):

Here are the two AC/DC covers that Guns and Roses performed w/Angus this past April 16th at Coachella (in FLAC):!Ms03DALJ!6OQTAOzggsqnt3w0Q5FSIzHQ0psPoPOGvW_bWejDE8U

Last, so thankful that I got to see them w/Brian one last time last year at MetLife Stadium here in NJ.  

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Guns 'n' Rosies???


I'm SO sorry but I had to get that in.

I'm really glad to see it's not just me that feels hollow and pissed off with this.  I love Appetite For Destruction but really have no time for Axl at all.  He is a very over-rated singer - just whiney!!  Even though I love AFD I still struggle with his voice whenever I hear it.  I can't stand hearing anything he's done ever since.  When the announcement came through about Brian I just thought "PLEASE don't go for some washed out, has-been big name singer just because they are a big name!"  And what did Angus do????????   There are heaps of great singers out there that have great voices that could have done this, and, as a colleague of mine said, why do they even have to go out and do it?  Just cancel the tour and re-think where the band is at.  I understand that Angus may still be keen to keep going, the concerts here in Melbourne were so much better than I expected, partly because of Angus' energy.  But there's a MASSIVE legacy there that's going to be stained if he gets it wrong. 

Let's all really hope that Brian can get back with them for one more farewell album and maybe some kind of touring in the future.  And let's all close our eyes and pretend that this little foray with Axl never happened ... ok?????

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Nah man, Axl/DC isn't all bad - JUST TO FINISH THE TOUR.

Afterwards, yeah, rethink things.

If Brian can't come back, hang it up.

If he can - for albums and maybe the odd show - great.

Otherwise, retire the band and Angus should just join bands for guest spots. I personally thought GunsNAngus was kind of cool - and they played Riff Raff! - and if Angus joined bands on stage once in a while to pound out a classic or a deep cut (or both), that would be a way to go out with dignity.

At this point, hiring another singer as a permanent replacement to Brian is an insult to the 36 years Brian has put in touring, singing, and writing with you. He has earned his retirement, and so has the rest of the band. No need to be greedy. Just let it go...

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So... you guys eating your words yet? Because Axl fuckin nailed it. And I gave Angus the benefit of the doubt from the start. I can't believe how many "fans" assumed he kicked out Brian with nothing more than rumours to go on.

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^^nope, like most I hope the band retires after this tour. Fat bastard Axledope SUCKS and will always SUCK. Those that think Axle sounds great is just in denial and are forced to assume the band is all great since the show must go on with who they have.. NOT!!!

Even those who I talk to around me believe the band fucked up when adding Asshole (oops, I mean Axledouche) and they could have went with other better singers like from Jackyl or even AC/DC tribute bands. Total disrespect to the fans and the band. Glad fans are getting refunds since they want to see AC/DC which includes the Youngs, Phil, Cliff, and Brian, not whiney ass Axle.


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Ummmmmmm, no.  Nothing here to make me eat my words.  Axl is a horrible singer and he sounds like shit with AC/DC.  It's so sad to my ears ... HOWEVER ... I'm seeing a LOT of positive posts for Axl and I both respect that and feel happy for people who are enjoying it.  Life's too short to be miserable about shit, but you don't have to listen to something that displeases you.  Axl displeases me!!!  But don't go assuming people are going to eat their words just because other people think it's fine.  I don't believe it is fine and I will stand by that opinion always!!

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I usually try to keep myself out of the Axl drama, but no more. Axl does not belong in AC/DC. I listened to some bootlegs with Axl and was not impressed.

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