1975-08-16 - Albert Hall, Laucenston, Tasmania (Australia)

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Albert Hall, Laucenston, Tasmania (Australia)
Saturday, August 16th, 1975
Run time: 59 minutes, 44 seconds
Wav (16bit/48KHZ) > Tracks split w/Audacity > TLH > FLAC (Level 8)
Track Listing:
01 She's Got Balls
02 Show Business
03 Soul Stripper
04 School Days
05 High Voltage
06 The Jack
07 Shake Rattle & Roll (only known recording of this cover track)
08 Baby Please Don't Go
Have cross verified the date of this concert as Saturday 16 August 1975. It is not July, as listed on some sites. (I will post improved recording of 4 tracks with newspaper proof of the date around Christmas day 2013 - when next in Tassie).'
Angus played off a long lead on the balcony high above the audience RHS during 'Baby Please Don't Go'. I quote from a review "One of the most exciting memorable experiences in my life. My parents thought I was at Youth group. Mostly what I remember was Bon Scott's tight tight jeans. Bit of an eye-opener for a little 15 year old."
Notes by viper:
Received this as one long track and then "Shake, Rattle & Roll" as a separate track.  Split the long file w/Audacity.  Inserted "Shake, Rattle & Roll" as track 07, as that is how it's listed in the set list on the enclosed pictures.  I have "Baby Please Don't Go" as the final track.  I guess we'll never know it this is accurate, or not, but it works having that insane 18+ minute version of "BPDG" at the end.!Y4lWHJaY!Z3-DGJzYIIfIp3YTSgrj2WYYWe037FPk-EvrmWztMqQ


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Thanks! I need it :)

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is there any artwork album cover for this? much appreciated!!

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