'UNEDITED' Podcast interview with AC/DC Producer/Engineer/Mixer Mike Fraser

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After browsing for some articles and reviews from last night's show at BC Place in Vancouver, I came across this interesting September 18, 2015 'PODCAST' interview on The Vancouver Sun website where reporter Francois Marchand has a phone interview with AC/DC's producer/engineer/mixer Mike Fraser on different topics regarding his first experience as a teen with the band along with his first mixing work with the band since 'The Razor's Edge' which was his first album he did work on with the guys. Fraser also discusses the absence of Phil Rudd during the recording of 'ROB' in addition to other dealings he has had with AC/DC including what it is like to record an album in the studio versus recording a show live such as the Vancouver show last night.

The audio podcast interview is around 32 minutes and is found on The Vancouver Sun website. Passing this on to those who may not have seen this, but it is definitely a must listen to since Fraser worked alongside the boys since 'The Razor's Edge' album (a little insight also Fraser talks about regarding a song from this album which needed to be tweeked all over) and his firsthand experiences with one of rock's most influential and greatest bands around.

Enjoy riff raff wink


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So the Vancouver show was recorded live?

Of course, in the digital era, all shows are recorded live...

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