Rock Or Bust Hämeenlinna , Finland

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Rock Or Bust Tour Hämeenlinna , Finland gig

Here is link to download the full show. Hope you enjoy.!748SibxD!Tg0c9jOnr-b-LGST3Nhcsg

If someone of you liseners can make this recording bit more better sound correction , please send a pm and just do it.                 

I am a not professional to do good sound quality or sound corrections.

If you want to do good cd-covers for this bootleg you can do.

If here in forum is some Finnish AC/DC fans please send a pm to me.

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hey, thanks very much, that's great!

thanks for sharing!

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Thank you thank you thank you !!

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Thank  you!

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thank you - I´ll check the sound of the recording - I let you know.

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