Largo 12-20 & 12-21 1981 Promo differences

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I was going through the Brian Johnson Videos I have (specifically the Largo Promos from 12-20 & 12-21) to make a DVD-R. I noticed in the Video info area that 2  DVDs exist from those dates... the Chanantes Upgrade from 12-20 and a New VHS source from 12-21 (both have the same tracklist other than TNT on the 21st). I was curious after a close review of what I have because what I have looks nearly the same (some of the vids either start a little bit early or late & the bands stage movements are the same from what i can tell). The only vid I'm sure of is TNT because its part of one date and not the other. Now what I was wondering..are there any differences I can look for to seperate the two dates? I didnt want to put alot of time into compiling a decent DVD-R & find out I had put any of the promos into the wrong setlist. Thanks in advance for any info. It would be greatly appreciated.

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the wristband on brian's arm is a giveaway. each date has a different color wristband he wears (one night he has a striped one and the other a solid blue wristband), not sure which is which but this is a dead giveaway which I noticed. I remember a similar thread on this subject awhile back, but did not find it as of yet here. hope this helps smiley

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