Rock Or Bust Euro Tour Merge Compilation

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I am currently working on a European Tour compilation. I have watched, cataloged and converted hundreds of videos. I have tried to find the best audio possible. No two tracks will sound the same due to venue, location, acoustics, and recording equipment. Let There Be Rock is going to prove to be the tough one to get due to it's length and trying to find GOOD quality sound of MULTIPLE recordings. Whole Lotta Rosie is very challenging as well due to everyone screaming "Angus!". I have what I think is about 65-70% complete. I have included a preview of some of the better ones. Let me know what you think. They are 320kbps. The preview is from various shows so far through Gelsenkirchen.!6M8iTTJD!gpP482_zX4vdvQJzk7Y_CYvMn_owy6fiNbzt2HLULTw

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