idea about setlists!

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since there is too many posts about making your own set list wouldn't it be cool if there was a post that was permanent (Def Leppards forum does this) so that there wouldn't be like 10 different posts about set lists. also on the Aerosmiths site a while back (here is the link they made two different boxes. in one box it had all of Aerosmith's songs, and you could click on a song and move it to the other box (your set list box) and you could make your own set list. wouldn't that be cool if there was something like that on here?
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yeah i agree
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Yeah, it would, great idea Live Wire.
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I'll see about adding it as a new special, but it probably won't be done for a while. We'll see though, good idea.
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This idea about setlists is fantastic! I would like to know if I can use this information in an australian writing paper. If this proves to be successful, I will be pleased.

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