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AC/DC's Concert History

Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Wednesday, October 5, 1983

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Concert Notes:
Flick At The Forum - Recorded by Brian Foley

It was a long time ago (I was 15 years old) What remember is still clear in my mind. The "Forum" was THE Place for "rock concerts" in L.A. for a good 25 years (early 70's till late 90's) If it was a big tour going through L.A.-Orange County area, it would play gig at the Forum. I can't remember AC/DC's whole "set list" but I do remember that it was pretty heavy with "Flick of the Switch" materal. They opened with "Guns for Hire" and went on play a good number of "Flick" songs sprinkled through out the set. (all 5 off side one) and maby a couple more from side 2. It was very cool when they did "Badlands." And the "For Those About to Rock" cannons were some of the best they ever used. They were two oversized cannons like on the album cover (but painted white) They were much louder later tours I attended !

Concert story thanks to VCascio.



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