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Nov 3, 2008 - Taken by mr-riff   

Concert History


The work here is not my own and in no way is to be represented as such. Many different sources were used to compile, copy and compare this list of venues. These sources are listed in no particular order or importance save that credit should be given where credit is due.

It is to each and all listed below that thanks be rendered. I was merely the scribe.

It is my intent, some time in the near future, to insert hyperlinks to the pages listed herein.

Bad Boy Boogie Tablature and Bootleg Web Site
Powerage Web Site
Ruff Stuff Web Site
Electric Shock Web Site
Crabsody In Blue Web Site
Lady Bathory's AC/DC CD-R Bootlegs Web Page
Cameron Sinclair, UK, Private Correspondence
Clemens Fehlow, Germany, Private Correspondence
Jorg Lorenz, Germany, Private Correspondence
Anders Hedman, Sweden, Private Correspondence
Arnaud Durieux, Private Correspondence
Christop Zoeller, Germany, Private Correspondence
Chris Stowe, Canada, Private Correspondence

Finally, without exception: Various and numerous posts made to the AC/DC Usenet Group.

-- angus_hanger --

Download the Original File Here

PLEASE NOTE: This is the original file I used to create the database of the online venue listing. It contains shows up to and including the July 2003 show in Toronto, but does not contain set lists, pictures, or any shows that have been found and added to the online list since late 2003.

[AC/DC Venues and Shows 1973-2003 - .XLS - 2.61 MEG]

About the Online Version

I took the liberty of taking an amazing file created by angus_hanger and converting it to a website in hopes of sharing the knowledge. I will be adding more information as it becomes available and more functionality when I have time, and invite anyone that can add some to contact me.

-- BigNate --