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May 10, 2015 - Taken by DirtyEye   

Concert History


1976 - Napier College Student Union, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Set List


A little known but amazing gig only witnessed by 150 lucky people. AC/DC,s first ever UK gig.The band had come to the UK the UK to do a
showcase gig at the Marquee in London but as they were visting family in Scotland they wanted to do a couple of low key warm up gigs. I was
on the Union Ents Committee & we were offered the band for 50. Believe or not there was a lot of discussion.We normally only paid 15
to bands.Due to the ammount of gear AC/DC used we would have to cut the capacity of the Union from 250 to 150 .The Union at the Sighthill
Campus was basically a big wooden hut !!Also we would have to put up the ticket price from 50p to 75p to cover our costs.It was considered a bit of a gamble for an unknown band.Anyway once we had heard a copy of thier hit Australian album the decision was made easy. This was by far the best gig I have ever witnessed,totally
unforgettable.They were sensational with the late great Bon Scott & Angus Young in top form. Angus sitting On Bon shoulders being carried
around the Union playing guitar being a highlight. As the Unions DJ at the the time my only claim to fame is to say that I supported AC/DC on
their first ever UK gig !!

Story provided by Dave, taken from


I Went!




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